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's gut check time. who wants it the most? what do you say? >> the most-coveted prize is ohio. mitt romney used his organizational advantage to close the gap with rick santorum. the race here is a dead heat. ram knee is on a bit of a roll with a five-state winning streak. today could be the turning point in this race. momentum takes a back seat to math. going forward it's all about delegates. romney built a comfortable lead. it's impossible to catch up but just to tell them that. >> we'll win it. >> santorum vowed to stay in as a true conservative alternative to romney. >> they know his values aren't the values of the people of the republican party. >> the new poll shows that conservatives might be coming around to romney. 67% say they now have a favorable view of him, up from just 10 days ago. but the longer romney is in a fierce nomination battle the more banged up he gets for the general election. that same poll found among all voters only 35% see romney favorably. >> we have to get on through this process and begin to rebuild. this is probably one of the worst positions winning the nom
not settle that much. the race between mitt romney and rick santorum is very close including ohio. >> that is where caren travers is here for use good afternoon. and there are all eyes on the buck eye state there. is a tight race that could have implications nor the republican race going forward. mitt romney and rick santorum have eyes on the same prize. >> we're in a great campaign. i need your help. >> super tuesday, 10 states head together polls, 437 delegates on the line skpismt could be rom any's best opportunity to break away from rivals. >> during this campaign there has been discussion of all sorts of issues and i keep bring it back to more jobs and res debt. >> romney has seen a bit of a surge here republicans may be starting over romney. he picked up key endorsements. and both happen to be from states that vote tomorrow. >> he knows how to create jobs. >> and romney will likely emerge as the overall winner in the race for delegates. >> i think after tomorrow, math becomes almost impossible for anyone else, other than mitt romney to win this. >> don't listen to poll asks
the playing field. >> david, thank you very much. and polls show republican front runner mitt romney appears to be going to gain more delegates in republican presidential race with today's illinois primary. we're live now with a look at the battle in the mid west. karen? >> good afternoon, these republican primary nights starting to feel like deja vu. dynamics won't shift. tonight looks to be mitt romney's night. polls show him leading in ill skpil inside santorum campaign they're bracing for an early night. the balance battle could come down down to suburban voters and women. according to new abc news poll, romney and santorum run about even with republican men but romney beat santorum with women. a series of missteps didn't help efforts to win a big mid western state. he spent two dmaiz puerto rico. and yesterday as attempting to make the point his campaign was focused on a broad range of issues he said this. >> i don't care what unemployment rate is going to be. >> romy pounced. >> doi care about the unemployment rate. it does bother me. >> romney and his allies crushed santorum, outspent
analysts say it's still mom romney's nomination to lose. >> the republican race has shifted south. >> people in mississippi and alabama want a conservative for sure. >> polls show the race is tight. two victories can make the case he's a tough alternative to not romney. if he can squeak out a win it will show he can appeal to the conservative base. and today, romney was all wet. >> this could be an election coming down a small margin between three people running here aggressively. >> and romney's 65th birthday. his wish isn't that surprising. >> we're going get this thing wron won. >> not possible. the race could go on for months but only romney has a clear path to the nomination and the magic number of 1144 delegates. santorum, newt gingrich and ron paul, best they can hope for is throw up a road block and maybe force a convention fight. >> sounds like someone has been listening to math class. >> math maying on romney's class but highways his work cut out for him. a new poll found only 66% of the republicans said they'd be satisfied with romney as a nominee. only 31% said they wa
including new platforms and pedestrian underpass. >> politics now. rick santorum and mitt romney splitting michigan delegates in half. romney was the top vote getter there. >> romney is still leading in the overall delegate count. accord together tally he has 153 compared to 87 for santorum. >> now, again, candidates focusing on super tuesday. >> you're going to have 400 plus delegates up on super tuesday. and this is a race for delegates. it's a long way to be 1144 that he needs. 437 on the block. >> here is what mitt romney said today in ohio. >> hopefully, you can see signs of improvement not because of him in, spite of him. virtually every policy he put in place made it harder fr businesses to grow and hire. >> voters in ohio and nine states will weigh in on tuesday. romney leading in vermont, and massachusetts but trailing in three states where rick santorum and newt gingrich are favored. >> if. >> te see a path forward coming through california. >> i think next thing is that there is a money angle he thinks it's clear it's going to be long skpechl pensive. >> they're going to have to
doesn't matter as much to mitt romney as it does to his rival. >> lots of rainfall in the santa cruz mountains. we'll go there, live. >> looking over san jose, not a lot happening in terms of rainfall but we're going to get more wet weather. the accu-weather forecast is straight ahead. >>> we begin our storm watch this half hour live at mount tamalpais it's been coming down steadily all day long. >> and the chp tells ugs a slick roadway may have contributed to the fatal crash. witnesses say the white van sailed off the northbound on ramp and into a power pole. >> and be careful if you're driving to tahoe. there are big rigs pulled over and there are chain restrictions. the sierra could get up to three feet of new snow. santa cruz mountains got slammed today. >> abc 7 has been watching residents prepare for flooding and phone shall mudslides. david joins us live now. david? >> there is pacific storms have a way of setting sights on santa cruz mountains but so far, so good. >> there is gone so long, the hardware store moved on to spring. >> we've been bringing out spring time projects.
, republican insiders say that may help mitt romney secure the nomination. and there is mark matthew was the stri rick santorum looking at results and thinking if i were the only conservative in this race i'd be trouncing my moderate rival, mitt romney. instead, romney walked away with more delegates though he lost both of the big southern states. >> mitt romney isn't talking much about the losses last night after a feisty interview today on fox news, he flew off to campaign in puerto rico. and the man who scored a sweep last night made a pitch to conservative voter autos the time is now to make sure that we have the best chance to win this election. >> what rick santorum is saying is that it's time for newt gingrich to drop out. the bay area tea party activist believes that is his best chance. >> i think the statement is a bold one, because come november, we've got to get obama's out of office. >> the republican stat gist likened him to a 1950s era mid west football team. >> he's grinding it out on the ground and there is is they don't get a first down. >> with every win, seems nega
. mark math yooz abc 7 news. >> that is going to be a tight squeeze tomorrow. >> mitt romney picked up a key endorsement today a day after winning illinois primary. former florida governor jeb bush threw his wait behind romney. he called on republicans to pull together pointing out it's time for the g.o.p. to unite behind rom nee. rick santorum camp yaized in louisiana today. and one of romney's aides might have misstepped suggesting policy positions could be easily changed if he faces off against president obama. he like yend the process to playing with a classic toy. >> i think he hit a reset button for fall campaign, everything changes. you can shake it up and we start over again. >> etch a sketch? >> newt gingrich seized the moment saying romney's position ows quote, aren't permanent, their pictures aren't locked down. you can redo it any time you want. and rick santorum asked people to vote for the candidate not on the sand of a toy. >> and president obam obama's -- bristol palin word ever since you called her after rush limbaugh called her a slut i figured i might be next. limbau
looking for a positive spin on super tuesday's results. moit mitt romney leads delegate count with 401. rick santorum won three states. and there is newt gingrich had one win. romney barely won ohio by one point he renewed a call for his opponent to drop out. santorum supporters earnin earning -- urging gingrich to leave the race, numbers wise waits a big win for romney. >> i don't see anyway anyone can beat him. i think what they can do is deprive him of having enough delegates to get the nomination before the convection. >> romney could face a tougher challenge if one opponent drops out that is because gingrich and santorum are splitting the consempb tiff vote right now. >> joe the plumber may soon become joe the congressman. sam you'll wuz wuz won in the ninth correctional district catapulted into national fame when he confronted then candidate barack obama during the 2008 campaign. he will face off against in november. captor is a longest serving woman in the house of representatives. >> and an effort under way to allow inmates to county jails to be granted the right to vote. the l
presidential front runner mitt romney coming to the bay area for a fund-raiser. contributors paying 25,000ses today get n abc 7's mark matthews joins us live from the sofitel hotel in redwood shore autos two dozen protestors are outside of the sofitel hotel here, it's a thousand bucks a head for dinner and $5,000 per couple if you'd like a picture. the host is meg whitman and sun micro systems founder and shutter fly's ceo on the event committee list. mitt romney was talking health care. standing in front of a sign saying repeal and replace ob yauchla care mitt romney dove tailed his hesage with a supreme court hearing and accused of president of going back on promise autos then, they said it would cut the cost of health insurance. >> critics hit him with flip flopping on health care. >> that is what we did in mismassachusetts. >> ob yaum yair is bad news, if i'm president i will repeel it. >> and the super pac released this video going after the president for flip flopping on the mandates. >> there is a plan and everybody taking responsibility for meeting this problem. >> we can try that to
romney ahead with 55%. and there is a strong win yesterday but santorum vowing not to give up. rhetoric is becoming increasingly personal. >> i don't think you're going to replace an economic light weight with another economic light weight. >> i heard governor romney call me an economic light weight. because i wasn't a wall street financier. >> newt gingrich and ron paul have no planned events in illinois. >> there is the faa is moving away from radar technology to satellite navigation and says the change will make air travel more he fish skbrent passengers could see benefits as well. >> that is right. the acting director wants to redesign the system to be more in line with 21 century technology. they were in oakland today to announce faa's metroplex initiative, including sfo, san jose international airport and sacramento airport saying it will be more precise. >> this is a radar based system. it gives us a safe and a good view of what's happening but not as precise as satellite-based system that exists today. >> this faa estimates they will save in fuel costs at those airports. the cha
have hurt the president. a month ago a poll showed him beating mitt romney in a match up. after a month of high gas, he's points behind. >> there is no such thing as a quick fix. there is no silver bullet. anyone telling you otherwise isn't looking for a solution. they're trying to ride the political wave of the moment. >> the republican challengers have been riding him. >> there is a two-letter energy policy. so he wants exhe pensive gasoline. >> californians have been paying higher prices, higher than the national average but that is going to change. uc berkeley energy expert. >> looks like we're starting to see some retail price declines in california. >> he says that the encouraging news is the wholesale price fell 51 cents in three weeks. >> if thicks stay, we can seal another 20 cents or 30 cents over the next month or so. >> explanation has to do with why they pay more, california runs on a tight supply and demand balance. what you saw a month aggie was prices going up and a number of refineries shut down, transitioning into summer blend gasoline. >> they're coming back online no
says mitt romney's support of the law has so stepped on the republican message bringing up obama care hasn't helped him. coming up we'll look at strategy to win support for the law has failed. >> the president joked about his open mic comment about things being different in a second term. >> first of all are the mics off? >> and referring to his comments to outgoing russian president yesterday and told him to ask incoming president putin to delay negotiations over missle dees dpeens, today explaining he was looking ahead. >> and there if i've got bipartisan support, and frankly, the current environment is not condus dwroif those possible consul taigs autos at the end of the summit he tried to mend fence was pakistan's prm. -- prime minister. >> and pope benedict is visiting cuba's capitol preparing for wham believe will be a meting with fidel castro. >> if you want to pop up a live feed you'll see them exiting and making his way to his car, this is following a private meeting that many are telling us they're hoping will produce change. this is a meeting the cuban people will not allow
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13